Archery Only Fair Chase Whitetail Deer Hunting

Booking Information

About the Land

5 1/2 Day Hunt $3,800

Price Includes 1 Buck and 1 Doe

Hunts are reserved on a first come, first served basis. A nonrefundable 50% deposit is required to secure hunting dates. The 50% balance is due at least 30 days before the hunt. All bookings are contracted and liability forms will be signed. Receipts for all deposits and payments will be provided. You will need to purchase your own Illinois license and permit.

Deer & Deer Management

Minimum requirements on bucks taken are 130" gross or 3.5 years and older. Our 2.5 old bucks can grow 20-40 inches in one year. Our goal is to take out 1.5 does for every buck killed. The food plots consist of standing corn, beans, clover, turnips, buck oats, and chicory. Trail cameras are used to check progress. This program is designed to enhance these tremendous genetics for trophy bucks in the future. We only allow 20 hunters per year on this property. Recent bucks born and raised here include:

Shadow Buck- 225in Gross

Louisville Slugger- 280in Gross

Double Main Beam- 193in Gross

20 Pointer- 198in Gross

Graham Outdoor Adventures consist of 500 acres of prime Whitetail Deer habitat surrounded by 8,500 acres of property that does not allow deer hunting. To the north and south lie Carlinville Lake properties and to the east and west are coal company properties. Field edges, swamps, bottom land, and oak timber make up this property.


Safety is number one in everyone's eyes so all hunters are required to use safety harnesses in the tree stands. While driving the Bad Boy Buggy all bows will be cased. All stands have " I " hooks for safety belts, bow hooks for bags and bows, and ropes to hoist the bow. ALL TREE STANDS ARE TMA APPROVED!

About Your Hunt

We use Bad Boy Buggies to get to and from stands to make it more difficult for deer to pattern us. There are also trail eyes going to and from the stands. There are approximately 10 miles of four wheeler trails to make a silent approach to stands. Climbers are used to change locations. We never have over 4 hunters in camp at one time. We have about 16 different food plots throughout the farm.