2019 Membership includes 4 hunts. All hunts are scheduled in advance.

Dove Club Memberships: $1,500

Daily Hunts: Call for Price / Openings

We hunt from blinds and memberships rotate blinds clockwise on each hunt. Two hunters per membership. Fantastic place to bring a customer, wife, son, daughter, or a friend. 



Glasses are a requirement. Field loads are only allowed with shot size of 7 1/2, 8, or 9. Shotguns can be 410, 20, 28, 16, or 12 gauge.

The hunt starts at the same time for everyone.

There is also a mandatory safety meeting before each hunt.

Dogs are welcome, but are the owner's responsibility!

Bring: Glasses, Shotgun, Shells, Bucket, Water for your dog, Hunting Apparel


Dove Hunting

2019 Dove Hunt Memberships and Daily Hunts Available